Even though I tore my ACL, I think I got lucky with my physical therapist. Ashley is my absolute favorite and helped me more than anyone. I have other family members who tore their ACLs as well and they hate PT but I don’t because she made it fun. Now I get to return to soccer right on schedule for my senior high school season. Thankful I had the best PT and assistance. Also somehow Ashley is the most relatable person in the whole world. Thank  you.


I was having chronic back pain from an injury. Ashley was my therapist; she was amazing! Along with my very helpful treatments, she gave me wonderful explanation of the reasons for my exercises and the benefits that I would receive. I am now pain free and very knowledgeable on the ways to care for my body. Ashley made it happen and her magic hands were incredible!! Thanks again!! You have provided amazing care!!


In June of 2019 I began to experience shoulder pain while swimming competitively. I went and saw the doctor, but I had to wait three or four weeks. I had x-rays, then an MRI, and they determined that I had left bicep tendon tendonitis. I was immediately treated like family. She helped me, pushed me, and made me laugh. With the help of Ashley, I can swim and have returned to all my regular activities without pain. Thank you so much thank you Ashley!


I would recommend Ashley to everyone that would need physical therapy. Ashley is a real people person. I felt so much better by the time I was done.


While my physical injury and rehab will be a work in progress, Ashley helped me through the most difficulty months and gave me the tools and knowledge to help me return to normal in the coming months. Ashley’s knowledge of physiology and exercises to pinpoint problematic areas in my muscles was invaluable. I would come back in the future if needed and will always recommend her. (Her response to the COVID pandemic was noteworthy in creating a space that felt safe!) Thanks!


I came in with lots of pain in my hip and I was worried it would affect my softball long term, buy Ashley really helped me to get back to even better than I was before. We even won a championship while ending my PT. I love the environment and the connection that you make with her, you can tell she really cares about you.


I can’t thank Ashley enough. Not only was my carpal tunnel pain remediated, but they provided me with the lifestyle changes and exercises I need to prevent this in the future. I’m forever grateful.


I dislocated my wrist and had two surgeries following the accident. I came in with very little strength and almost no flexibility in the wrist. Ashley was very helpful and attentive to my rehab plan. I’m coming out of therapy with almost all of my flexibility restored and strength is greatly improved. I have exercises to do at home, so I can continue to work back to full strength again. Thanks all! I’ll be sure to recommend you!

AMP was founded by Dr. A3M in 2020 to offer high-quality wellness & physical therapy services to help active individuals feel empowered during activity.


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