Cash-based model medical services involve not using health insurance as a method of payment. Patients pay for medical services in full with cash-based form of payment at time of service.

Medical offices that do not take insurance are often considered out-of-network providers. Some insurances will reimbursement a percentage of what a patient paid for a medical service with an out-of-network provider with a super bill provided to the patient after a service has been completed and paid for in full.

Not all insurances offer reimbursement for out-of-network provided medical services including physical therapy. Dry needling and wellness sessions are not generally covered by insurance, however, some insurances will reimburse for preventative medicine. You should call your insurance prior to services to confirm what your insurance policy entails.

AMP was founded by Dr. Ashley Aardsma in 2020 to offer high-quality wellness & physical therapy services to help active individuals feel empowered during activity.

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