AMP helps athletic persons move with better mechanics to allow them to be active without fear of injury.

AMP Mission

Use individualized exercise programs to train and improve the communication between the nervous and musculoskeletal systems to facilitate energy-efficient movement that decreases awkward stress through joints and awkward strain on the muscles while reducing the risk of injury during activity.

The CLINIC story

I (Dr. Ashley Aardsma) knew that I wanted to start my own business at some point, but the question was always: what should it be? First, I had to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Marine biology was the first thought; that didn’t last after I did some research into the career and determined it just wasn’t for me (marine biology is wayyy more than being a dolphin trainer and hats off to those folks!). Then the thought was becoming a physical educator in the school system; I graduated with a bachelors in science for kinesiology and education. Halfway throughout undergrad, I decided working within the school system wasn’t for me either, so I decided that becoming a doctor of physical therapy was the next logical choice; I’ve always been fascinated by learning how the body moves and the associated anatomy. This decision lead to me moving to Salt Lake City, UT four days after graduating undergrad to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I graduated from the University of Utah with my DPT in 2018. I became a full time-salaried staff clinician after graduation until I decided that system wasn’t made for me. I am a unique clinician and person, and you can’t put me in a box. I felt that the system I was working in was trying to change me and mold me into what they thought I should be instead of embracing my overly energetic, passionate, and occasionally too loud personality. I left the full time salaried structure for part time work and starting my own company in October 2020, and here we are. As a previous Division 1 athlete that has had 8 knee surgeries as a result of a single injury that happened because of bad mechanics during movement, I want to educate athletes on safer movement to reduce their risk for injury. Maybe if one person took the time to talk to me about running mechanics or strength and range of motion imbalances, maybe I only have a couple surgeries instead of 8. I’m thankful for my experiences because they directly contributed to the development of the drive, passion, and motivation I have that have brought me to this moment. AMP is the result of a lot of experiences that have taught me to stay true to myself and to not let others try to change me into what they think I should be.

The NAME story

The name of my company was developed from inspiration by my brother; he is one of the funniest people I know and also has cerebral palsy.
Here’s the story: Throughout my existence, I have been known to make big decisions with most of my ducks in a row, but not quite all of them. I planned to move to Utah in pursuit of my higher education degree with little in my bank account and a part time job secured. Adapt or die (a tad dramatic given my circumstances, sure, but it’s effective!). I got two more part time jobs and was working 60-70 hours a week. When I got into PT school, I continued to work 20-30 hours a week until I graduated with my DPT. I graduated PT school, passed my board licensing exam and continued working as a bartender until I could secure my first job out of school. I started my first full-time salaried job three months after graduation. I began to recognize over the first few months of my career that I was struggling to maintain work-life balance with the current set up of most outpatient physical therapy clinics: high patient volume, period. I tried to make myself fit the system, but it kept proving to be a losing battle. I was trying to be a great clinician to my patients and a great staff member to my bosses while still trying to create balance outside of work. One year into my career, I was done with the system and was burning out fast. I was preparing to leave my first career job out of school without the security of another one. I had some options, but nothing was for certain. I was having a conversation with my brother related to the previously mentioned situation when he cut me off and said, “Hey Ash, is this an Ashley Motivated Plan?” I said “Well yeah B, I made it,” and he said “then you’ll figure it out.” I gave my notice soon after and was able to secure another full time salaried job in a clinic that appeared to have a more manageable patient schedule (50 patients a week vs upwards of 75), an uncommon find among clinics due to the current insurance model. I immediately felt less burned out, and I could feel the fire reigniting within me over the beginning weeks in my new staff clinician role. Some months into my no longer new role, I started to have experiences that made me think harder about why there was a job opening when I applied (despite the different scheduling and all the awesome technology at one’s fingertips). I am a hard worker and a lifelong learner, but I’m also highly resistant to dealing with authoritarian figures that use fear, belittlement, and disrespect in an attempt to control those below them. This developed character quality (secondary to multiple previous life experiences) of mine ended up being the driving factor for me to put eventually in my notice at my second full-time salaried job. Prior to handing in my resignation, I had another conversation with my brother, and he expressed the same thing as before “Hey Ash, is this an Ashley Motivated Plan?” and it was with that I knew I would find a way to make it all work. I decided that some time after leaving my last full-time salaried job for part-time hourly work it was time to start a physical therapy company. One inspired by my experiences, good and bad, and what I wanted the profession to look like in the future. I went to file for a business license and realized I didn’t have a company name. With some quick soul search and a couple chuckles, AMP (Ashley Motivated Plan) Physical Therapy and Sports Performance was born.

AMP was founded by Dr. Ashley Aardsma in 2020 to offer high-quality wellness & physical therapy services to help active individuals feel empowered during activity.

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