AMP helps active persons move with better mechanics to allow them to be active with less fear of injury.

AMP Mission

Use individualized exercise programs to train and improve the communication between the nervous and musculoskeletal systems with the intention of facilitating energy-efficient movement that decreases stress across joints and strain within muscles and additionally reducing the risk of injury during activity.

The CLINIC story

Upon graduation as a Doctor of Physical Therapy,.​ ​​I (Dr. A3M) worked as a full time salary clinician for 2.5 years. I decided during this time that “the system” wasn’t meant for me and what I felt patient’s deserve during their physical therapy appointments. The system wants 1​2​-20 patients a day during an 8 hour work day​, which offers an average of 24-​35 mins of direct time with the physical therapist. This doesn’t always lead to the patient centered care we as physical therapists strive to provide. AMP was created in October 2020 to provide patient centered care in a one-on-one setting for individuals that are willing to do the work to get better, do better, and achieve more. My personal experiences (both tragic and empowering) as a collegiate athlete directly contributed to the passion ​regarding ​the importance of human body mechanics​ and the motivation to share the knowledge with those that want to be more informed.

The NAME story

The name of my company was developed from inspiration by my brother; he is one of the funniest people I know and also in a wheelchair.
Here’s the story: Throughout my existence, I have been known to make big decisions with most of my ducks in a row, but not quite all of them. I planned to move to Utah in pursuit of my higher education degree with little in my bank account and a part time job secured. Adapt or die (a tad dramatic given my circumstances, sure, but it’s effective!). I got two more part time jobs and was working 60-70 hours a week. When I got into PT school, I continued to work 20-30 hours a week until I graduated with my DPT. I graduated PT school, passed my board licensing exam and continued working as a bartender until I could secure my first job out of school. I started my first full-time salaried job three months after graduation. I was immediately struggling to maintain work-life balance with the current set up of most outpatient physical therapy clinics: high patient volume, period. I tried to make myself fit the system, but it kept proving to be a losing battle. I was trying to be a great clinician to my patients and a great staff member to my bosses while still trying to create balance outside of work. One year into my career, I was done with the system and was burning out fast. I was preparing to leave my first career job out of school without the security of another one. I had some options, but nothing was for certain. I was having a conversation with my brother related to the previously mentioned situation when he cut me off and said, “Hey Ash, is this an Ashley Motivated Plan?” I said “Well yeah B, I made it,” and he said “then you’ll figure it out.” I gave my notice soon after and was able to secure another full time salaried job in a clinic that appeared to have a more manageable patient schedule. ​Another year and a half passed and the burnout was back; I needed to make another change. ​Prior to handing in my resignation, I had another conversation with my brother, and he expressed the same thing as before “Hey Ash, is this an Ashley Motivated Plan?” and it was with that I knew I would find a way to make it all work. I decided that some time after ​my resignation that​ it was time to start a ​business that provided the care I felt patient’s deserved. I went to file for a business license and realized I didn’t have a company name. With some quick soul search and a couple chuckles, AMP (Ashley Motivated Plan) Physical Therapy and Sports Performance was born.

AMP was founded by Dr. A3M in 2020 to offer high-quality wellness & physical therapy services to help active individuals feel empowered during activity.


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